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Discovery Girls Guide to Friendship Hardship...You Are Not Alone


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Friendship Hardship...You Are Not Alone

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Mean girls, jealousy, stuck in the middle... here's help! 

She knows everything about you... she'd never tell your secrets... she's your biggest fan. Who doesn't want a friend like that? True friendship is a gift... but it can be hard to find. 

Every girl has problems with friends sometimes, whether she's stuck in a fading friendship, caught in the middle of fighting friends, or dealing with mean girls. In Friendship Hardship: You Are Not Alone, the writers and editors of Discovery Girls magazine break down the solutions to tween friendship problems step by step. With quizzes, stories, and advice, this book will teach your special girl how to free herself from poisonous friendships, have high self-esteem, and be the best friend she can be. Soon, she'll be meeting new people and making friends who truly respect and understand her... because every girl deserves first-rate friendships.

ISBN 978-1-934766-09-5 / 112 pages

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