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Discovery Girls Guide to Sticky Situations...and How to Get Through Them


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Sticky Situations...and How To Get Through Them

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Elise accidentally spilled her BFF's secret. Anna got up the courage to tell her crush she liked him...and found out he didn't like her back! Everyone gets caught in life's sticky situations. Luckily, the writers and editors of Discovery Girls magazine know exactly how to handle that crush and or angry BFF!

Sticky Situations...and How to Get Through Them will help your tween girl build the confidence she needs to deal with any sticky situation - like when Christy made a total fool of herself onstage...or when Lisa's parents didn't like her new friend. She'll also learn how to handle being cornered by a mean dog, getting stranded at the mall, and much, much more! By the last page, she'll be empowered and ready to deal with anything!

ISBN 978-1-934766-05-7 / 112 pages

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